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Episode 145: 5 Essential Digital Notetaking Methods

Dr. Tom Grissom on The Every Classroom Matters Show

Whether it is digital notetaking or notetaking, many of us agree that most students are not effectively using this technique to remember, retain, and process new information. Dr. Tom Grissom is a pioneer in the effective use of digital notes, pushing us to redefine what notes can be.

Tom Grissom shares tips on digital notetaking

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Tom’s big point about notetaking is that if we follow the SAMR model, we must redefine what notetaking can be. Here are just a few points he shares in the show. Using electronic tools, you can redefine digital notes by:

  • Writing
  • Recording Audio
  • Collaboratively Writing with Others
  • Snipping Copies of the Screen
  • Recording Video
  • Recording Movements on the Screen (Screencasting)
  • Students Can Share and See Each Other’s Notes
  • Teachers Can Share Their Notes
  • Teachers Can See Notes as a Formative Assessment Tool

Tom and I also have a discussion about the vital difference between taking notes by hand and typing the notes (which leads to transcription.) Not surprisingly, transcription doesn’t require much processing and not as much value seems to be happening in the mind of the student as in taking the notes by hand.

Using One Note Classroom, Tom is a pioneer in the use of digital notes to teach, learn, and enrich our lives. Here are 4 big takeaways from the show:

  1. See Dr. Grissom’s notes from the show (In his One Note notebook)
  2. Visit His Website and Podcast
  3. One Note Classroom 
  4. One Note for Teachers Tutorials
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