Monday, November 16, 2015

How Teachers Can Self Publish Books

Every Classroom Matters Episode 188

how teachers can self publish books with David Hopkins

Self publishing seems hard. But as UK-based educator David Hopkins shares on today’s episode, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can do it. David has self published three books. He explains simply how teachers and authors can self publish books in print and ebook format.

Essential Questions: How Teachers Can Self-Publish Books

  • What do teachers do first when they want to self publish?
  • How can teachers use Microsoft Word to self publish?
  • What is the difference between formatting ebooks and print books?
  • What tools and sites did David use when he self-published?
  • How can non-US educators publish with Amazon?

If you want to know how this can be used in the classroom, listen to episode 184.

Educator Resources from this Episode

A big shout-out to David who wrote up this episode on his blog. David shares the links to resources that will help you get started self publishing your own books.

Other Platforms where Teachers Can Self Publish Books

Thanks Lisa Durff for compiling this list of other self publishing resources.

How teachers can self publish books

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how teachers can self-publish books

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