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The BBC Microbit and other UK Edtech News #bett

Every Classroom Matters episode 205

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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The BBC Microbit is making its way into the hands of 1 million UK students. With BETT kicking up this week in the UK, learn the UK edtech news from teacher Mark Martin. From tools that he’s excited about, to the new Computer Science curriculum in the UK, Mark shares his views on edtech. Listen now.

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Essential Questions: The BBC Microbit and other UK Edtech News

  • What are they teaching in the new UK Computer Science curriculum?
  • What are some education technologies UK educators are discussing?
  • Thoughts on the shift from an exam culture to a creation culture.
  • The BBC Microbit and what it will mean to kids in the UK.
With the new UK Computer Science curriculum expecting that all students five years old and up will learn computational thinking, the UK is counting on coding. If you’re not sure, the recent investment of London in a gaming festival, should show you just how serious the country is about the innovation that comes from kids who code. (They want to make the city the “world’s game development capital.”)

But the transition to Computer Science is not without its struggles for many teachers. One has to wonder with this investment in coding and kids, if the UK is setting off for another great age of exploration. Coding is important. I wonder how long it will take every school to wake up and realize this. Computer code is the language of innovation, creation, and exploration. (It also prints money when it is successful.)

Educator Resources from this Episode

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